After discovering her passion for life, Imogen has been a human for twenty two years. A keen traveller with an open mind and inquisitive nature, she is interested in seeking experience across a wide spectrum of creative fields. Having completed an Art Foundation at Central Saint Martins in 2012, she went on to read Psychology at UCL, but still couldn't resist wearing a great deal of velvet and dabbling in the arts. She was once asked to exhibit her artwork in a gallery in Portugal, but declined because she didn't want her paintings to get lost in the post. What an oaf.

Dissatisfied with the absence of any aesthetic element or creativity in her neuropsychological studies, but enjoying her newfound analytical thinking skills, Imogen knew that satisfaction in life could only be achieved once she found a way to combine her scientific thinking with her artistry. Imogen is now looking for opportunities to combine the creative initiative fostered by CSM with her writing, research and academic analysis skills instilled by UCL. Her aim in life is to get 1,000 followers on instagram, and maybe have a nice house etc. If you think you can help her to achieve either of these dreams (or just fancy a chat) then contact Imogen below:

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