Stocked wanted to reimagine the way bars and restaurants deal with their suppliers. We brought a human perspective to their app design.

Role: UX Research & Design

Skills & Methods: User interviews, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, stakeholder management.

What I did

Conducted in-depth user research, developed the product vision, designed product visuals and hi-fidelity wireframes, prototyped, ran usability sessions, stakeholder management.

The Brief

In aiming to digitise one of the few remaining manual processes in hospitality, Stocked had struck upon a ripe problem space. However, their shallow understanding of their users’ needs was apparent in the app design. They came to us to help with optimising the app’s ordering flows and to explore in-app team communication.

The first step was interviewing 30 hospitality staff across London, deep-diving into their worlds to make sure we were solving the right problems. Listening to current and prospective users revealed that although there were some improvements that could be made to the interactions, there were some foundational aspects that needed to be addressed. There remained a dissonance between the app’s design and their existing workflows:

1 Each supplier’s minimum order amount meant that the “online grocery shopping” design was impractical

2 Repeat orders far outweighed new orders meaning that the “create order” flow was unideal

3 Team communication was mostly around who has done what, using Whatsapp.

Using these insights as the starting point, we held a design studio with the Stocked leadership team to present findings and ideate on paper. We then re-crafted the app with some fundamental changes:

1 A supplier-focused architecture to work with rather than against the minimum order constraints

2 Creating a seamless repeat-order flow significantly improved user satisfaction

3 An automated activity log catered to their needs perfectly and saved manual communication time

two iphone mockup.png